Pest Squirrel Removal & Control

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Pest Squirrel RemovalPest Squirrel Removal

Welcome to Pest Squirrel Removal, an online resource for professional pest squirrel removal solutions when nuisance squirrels have become a problem. Let’s face it, most of us think of squirrels at cute little bushy tailed animals that like to chase each other, store little nuts and effortlessly make their way through the high tree branches. Unfortunately pest squirrels can find their way into attics creating a world of problems. From squirrels creating holes that allow water to create water & mold damage to their craving to gnaw wires, squirrels can pack a serious punch to your homes well being and your family’s

Pest squirrel removal is a necessary service due to the fact squirrels cause serious damage to homes and once the squirrel removal process has been completed the home owners are usually stuck paying the bill out of pocket since insurance policies usually do NOT cover rodent damage. A sad fact at 30,000 home and business fires yearly are attributed to wire gnawing. Another big problem pest squirrels cause is insulation damage. Pest squirrel removal is a must if you plan on keeping your heating and cooling bills to a minimum. As nuisance squirrels run back and fourth throughout the attic, insulation is smashed killing its effectiveness. Once pest squirrel removal is completed from a home it is absolutely necessary that proper squirrel proofing be done so that the now vacant den will not be soon occupied by another colony of squirrels.

Squirrel Control

squirrel controlSquirrel control measures must always be done proper and tight as squirrels can squeeze in very tight spaces and chew through wood and metals with ease. It seems as with almost any pest wildlife removal, once an area is occupied it becomes a yearly occurrence. Hence the reason heavy duty steel squirrel exclusion should never be replaced with flashing, wire mesh, wood, sheet metal or chicken wire as these materials are easily chewed through. Most areas needing squirrel control are vents, attic fans, soffit corners and fascia which all are best done with steel squirrel exclusion. Squirrel control to keep squirrels away for good also include odor treatments to kill attractive smells left behind. Even a well squirrel proofed home can still have a squirrel chew right through the roof if the attraction smell is great enough. In these cases many times the insulation may need to be replaced in efforts to remove anything harboring smell from the previous squirrels. Squirrel control is the same as all other wildlife exclusion, there is no substitute for effective hard work, repellents and deterrents are merely gimmicks that will end up being wasted money in the end.

Squirrel Extermination

squirrel exterminationPest squirrel extermination is sometimes necessary in different instances when the structure doesn’t allow for an effective set, the roof isn’t safe to walk or squirrels have become educated with cage traps. Squirrel extermination is a very effective means of controlling squirrel problems and because the nature of the traps, an educated squirrel doesn’t live long enough to spread the message. Squirrel extermination should NEVER be done with poisons! Not only is it inhumane but not very smart either. If a squirrel dies in your attic and starts to rot and smell how much better of a situation did you create for yourself. Not only do you still have a squirrel in your attic, now you have one that smells, is attracting flies and can not be trapped. Another huge concern with squirrel extermination with poisons is the fact they may end up as lunch for birds of prey, dogs or cats. Professionally done squirrel extermination is done with lethal traps that kill with quick force similar to a rat trap yet far more powerful and effective. State laws vary from state to state as to which animals must be euthanized after capture however most are allowing of squirrel extermination methods when needed for pest squirrels causing home damage.

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