Squirrels In The Attic

Nuisance squirrels have many advantages to aid them in moving in a home and making it very difficult for a squirrel trapper to perform squirrel removal. The majority of homes are very high and very steep. We encountered a pest squirrel problem that had an entry point almost 3 stories high with uneven ground below for safe ladder placement. With a little on the spot innovation, trapping the squirrels became a little more feasible with the squirrel trap placed on a cedar board. The home had steep incline cedar shingles so trapping the squirrels on the roof is a better second choice option for this type of scenario. Trapping squirrels is one of our service areas that tend to call for big ladders and safety harnesses to complete squirrel removal services.

It seems squirrels love to chew through cedar shingles more than any other roofing material. Cedar being a lightweight soft wood is no match for a squirrels teeth and when that’s all that stands in the way of them and a safe spot to nest. You better believe squirrels will make their way inside your attic. We recently had a squirrel trapping request for pest squirrel control out of an attic space. Upon entering the attic the squirrel shamelessly ran across the attic and out its entry hole. Squirrel removal and extermination needs are at its peak during the fall season. Hearing noises in attic is one of the first signs a squirrel is in an attic. How to properly get rid of squirrels is the most important step.

In one situation a nuisance squirrel didn’t just stop after entry was made. This squirrel hole in the roof had multiple entry ways all leading to the same den. Chewing for this size hole must have been hours worth of work however the homeowner didn’t realize anything until squirrel noises were heard in the attic. What do squirrel noises sound like? Fast paced running back and forth are usually what homeowners report the squirrel noises in an attic to sound like.

Upon responding to the squirrel removal call, we noticed we would have to close up one side of the entry points to funnel the squirrels into traps. This squirrel control was no standard squirrel removal job. We used our high grade heavy duty steel grating that we use on all of our home squirrel proofing work to make sure the nuisance squirrels couldn’t chew out. Chicken wire, sheet metal and hardware cloth can all be destroyed by squirrels trying to enter or escape.

After we sealed off one side of the nuisance squirrel entry ways, we secured a one way door trap to the other side to capture any squirrels trying to leave or come inside. Squirrel removal sometimes takes a little innovation to get the right set up for full squirrel family removal. With that comes hard work and going above and beyond the usual call of duty. Squirrel control can be easy when hard work and thought is put into the set up.