Squirrel Deterrents

The nuisance squirrel deterring strobe light was a great idea, however not all great ideas work. Just as coyote and wolf urine for nuisance squirrels. How to discourage problem squirrels is a matter better worded as how to stop nuisance squirrels. Because how to discourage problem squirrels is like asking how can you make squirrels not want a secure warm place to live with out being susceptible to predators. It will never happen! A lot of deterrent product companies would like to act as if they know how to discourage problem squirrels and have the magic formula but when it gets down to it, problem squirrels are not leaving from coyote urine placed in your attic unless your put a coyote in your attic to stand guard and urinate and pellets and powders are best left in their container un-purchased when it comes to a pest squirrel problem. When most people with a pest squirrel problem are in the quest to find out how to discourage problem squirrels they usually come across the top 3 methods. Mothballs which are against federal law to use for the purposes out repelling mammals, rags soaked in ammonia and lights and radios. To date no permanent solutions have been made of any of these squirrel deterrent methods and if they did work would squirrel removal services exist? Don’t be fooled into wasting any money by commercial products claiming to repel any types of wildlife with their products. These products are gimmicks and a clear way of sucking money from people in a bad nuisance wildlife situation. If you have nuisance squirrels in your home and have questions on getting rid of the problem squirrels or have a question on a squirrel repellent you are thinking of purchasing, feel free to call us for our recommendation or experience with the product in question.

Think you can deter a squirrel? There are no squirrel deterrents like this!